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Chick Fresh Concentrate w/ FREE 4 oz Coop Cleaner Concentrate & empty 24 oz spray bottle - Remove odors, Mites and keep your coop clean

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Chick Fresh Concentrate w/ FREE 4 oz Coop Cleaner Concentrate & empty 24 oz spray bottle - Remove odors, Mites and keep your coop clean
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Coop Care Chick Fresh Odor Control Spray

Anywhere You Need to Control Ammonia & Odors, Use Chick Fresh!

The health of your flock is paramount to them and dangerous odors from urea converting to ammonia is just one challenge they face daily. Chick Fresh used daily works to prevent the formation of ammonia in the first place!

Proven microbial action with SciZyme technology is the basis of this product. While the enzymes are fast at work consuming the urea, the fresh holiday pine scent is designed to mask the foul odors, resulting in a pleasant environment for the flock.

Safe to use anytime, anywhere with all ages of birds, including chicks. Expect optimum performance when applied after the coop has been cleaned and fresh litter has been laid down. Use year-round. Chick Fresh is safe to use with all pets and livestock. Use in litter boxes, rabbit hutches, small animal cages, even trash cans.

All natural ingredients and made in the USA. 100% money back guarantee. Endorsed by Andy Schneider, The Chicken Whisperer!

Instructions for use:

1. Shake then spray

2. Mist area until damp (reduces dust too) No need to remove animals while spraying

Coops: Spray daily around coop floor where litter and odors develop. Periodically removing litter will help. Also spray the walls, nests, roosting areas and around their yard, especially around wetter damp areas. 

Other animals: Spray generously to floor, cage or pans before bedding is added. Remove urine soaked  bedding and manure daily then mist the bedding and walls. Focus on urine soaked areas. Allow a couple of days with good ventilation to work in more difficult or smelly areas. 

All Purpose Coop Cleaner™ Concentrate

The Low pH Chemistry Safely Protecting People and Animals.

Coop Care All Purpose Cleaner Spray Concentrate is a non-toxic food processing chemistry used to scientifically clean and protect your flock’s environment, from chick to adult. It is a natural low pH cleaner with a fresh scent. Our 4oz concentrate makes 64oz of product.

Dangerous Pathogens can be passed between animals and even to humans through surface contact or through airborne particles. Use as part of your daily biosecurity protocol to keep you and your birds clean and safe. Safely clean surfaces prone to producing and harboring mites, lice, harmful viruses, fungus and bacteria that are commonly found in and around your coop and flock.

Safe for all surfaces including wood, straw, plastic, metal, and concrete. Safe for use in incubators, brooders, coops, runs, bedding, nesting boxes, feeders, and waterers.

Coop Care All Purpose Clean is used by top show livestock experts with all species including poultry, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets. Removal of old bedding, feed, straw, wood shavings and nesting materials is always suggested. Use it as a rinse after thoroughly sweeping and washing. 

Mix concentrate into a clean gallon sprayer, then fill with clean tap water.  Mix thoroughly and spray, dip, mop or wipe.

Use after thoroughly cleaning area by completely wetting all surfaces and crevasses with Coop Care All Purpose Cleaner.  No need to rinse and no need to remove your birds as this spray is safe and will not hurt them!

$24.99 $45.00

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