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Why Use Chick Fresh?

Don't take it from us, join other backyard bird keepers just like you who are using Chick Fresh to control odors in their chicken coops:

I have tried so many things to have odor control for my chickens and other things around the 5 acres we have. Nothing worked, or for long or was so expensive it was not worth the money. Then I used Chick Fresh... GONE. This works! I highly recommend! 5 star in my book and will be a a lifelong customer!

I have 6 coops and it can be hard to keep them in top condition at all times. Chick Fresh Odor Control Spray has saved my sanity! And it has such a pleasant smell, I may just want to live in my coops! It certainly makes bird observation times much more enjoyable for not only me but my birds too!

I highly recommend this product!

I was skeptical at first after seeing Chick Fresh on a live feed on Chicken Whisperer. I purchased not expecting much but have been blown away with how well it controls odors in my coops. ... for days! Will continue to buy

I love the scent of this spray! I use Chick Fresh to spray down the coop and re freshen their nesting boxes. Our chickens must have the cleanest coop around here! I just love this product and have already purchased more. Thank you for making a nice product that not only smells great but is safe for our flock of chickens!

Great stuff! It has a light pine smell really worked well in controlling odors. I highly recommend Chick Fresh Odor Control Spray if you have chicken coops and don't want to bother the neighbors.

This stuff is awesome! I mix this entire 4oz. bottle in a one-gallon pump sprayer, and it works fantastic! I still use the small spray bottles for my smaller coops, brooders, and rabbit hutches, but this new 4oz. bottle saves me money, and works great for my larger coops. It does not just mask the smell of ammonia, but seems to eliminate the ammonia. Try it, and you will become a customer for life!