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Starting Your Flock

Keeping chickens is a practice that dates as far back as when people started domesticating animals. They are fun to have around, are a good food source, and are low maintenance. If you have an ample backyard the idea of keeping chickens may have occurred to you but you may have needed a little more information before getting started. Hens and Roosters You do not need a rooster. Keeping a rooster is a matter of choice but not actually a necessity. While having these handsome, brassy, noisy, aggressive characters around your hens is an attractive choice, the hens are quite content not having a rooster that keeps mounting them as they can lay eggs without the help of the rooster....

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Winter Treats For Your Flock

Boy oh Boy, is it cold where you live?  Here in Missouri our highs have been in the upper teens and we are expecting some negative number lows this week.   Had to break down yesterday and get a second heated waterer... makes you wonder if you really need all of these chickens and separate coops lol....  of course, it was a fleeting thought - I know that I do! In addition to making sure the girls have fresh, unfrozen water there are a few treats that you can give them to help them stay a bit warmer in these brutal temperatures. Cracked corn/scratch grains.  Although these aren't good in abundance, they do help get the digestion working which, in turn,...

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What Breeds Are The Best Egg Layers

Planning your flock? Are you looking for prolific egg layers?  For many of us, the main reason for raising backyard chickens is the fresh supply of eggs.   The breed of chicken you get makes a huge impact on the amount of eggs you should expect to receive each day.  Choosing the right breed is very important if you are wanting fresh eggs daily.  I have compiled a list of some of the best egg laying breeds. White Leghorn Production:   280/yearEgg Color/Size:  White/LargeTemperment:  Nervous, flightyClimate:  Heat tolerant, not good in cold climatesWeight:  5 lbsStart Laying:  16-17 weeks Rhode Island RedProduction:          260Egg Color/Size:   Light brown/ Medium to LargeTemperment:  Bossy - often need to be kept separateClimate:   AllWeight:   6.5 lbsStart Laying: ...

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Coop Size - What Size Do I Need?

How important is the size of your coop?  We all realize that a large flock in a small coop is not a great idea, however, a small flock in a large coop is also not the best choice.   So what do you need to think about when planning for your chicken coop? What breeds will you be keeping How many chickens you plan to have (don't forget to factor in chicken math) How small/large of an area will the flock have access to Community guidelines Small coops are easier to keep clean and easier to relocate. The downside of a small coop is that they can only comfortably house 2 or 3 full size hens.  If you have enough room...

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Must Haves for Your New Chicks!

So, I'll be the first to admit that I need hatch-a-holics anonymous, but who can really blame me? There are few things in this life that gives such pleasure.  And now that my flock has done the full year cycle, I can add grand chicks to my list of favorite beings on this earth!   If you are interested in hatching your own eggs, without a broody hen's help,  or if you are just interested in getting day old chicks there are just a few things that you will need. This is by no means a complete list, but it will get you started! Fertilized Eggs *hatching Incubator *hatching Patience :) whether ordering or hatching the wait is horrible! Brooder Area...

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