Chick Fresh


Eliminate ammonia & odors in your coops

Chick Fresh is non-toxic and can be sprayed with your chicks in the coop. Chick Fresh will eliminate odors from any animal type and on all types of bedding, dirt, couches, carpets and litter boxes!

Use Chick Fresh to control odors when raising baby chicks and caring for chickens in and around their coops. With just a few sprays of Chick Fresh a day, you can have more fun raising your chicks, have a fresher smelling coop & a healthier environment for the birds!
Ammonia is mostly caused by their excretions and since they are so low to the ground, ammonia is very dangerous to their respiratory system which means bad for their overall health. If you want your chicks to grow up healthy, then think about using Chick Fresh in your brooders, coops and anywhere else your chicks reside.


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