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Why Use Chick Fresh For Odor Control?

Why Use Chick Fresh For Odor Control?

Coop Care’s Chick Fresh is safe and easy to use with unmatched control of odors caused by litter, bedding, old feed, animal urine, manure & dirt. Chick Fresh will reduce respiratory infections and stress in your birds by eliminating all odor causing compounds and toxic ammonia vapors. Naturally safe microbes in Chick Fresh consumes the urea and other odor causing compounds found in litter, old feed and bedding, making our product safe and environmentally friendly. We believe there is no other product on the market that does as good of a job protecting your bird’s respiratory system and improving your coop's overall air quality!

Keeping your chicks safe and healthy after receiving them from your hatchery is very important. Using Coop Care's Chick Fresh product will keep your chicks safe and healthy from the brooder phase all the way to the coop phase. 

When first receiving chicks, make sure they have a deeply bedded brooding area with large wood shavings. Give the bedding a few sprays with Chick Fresh before putting the chicks in to keep ahead of the smells that a brooder can accumulate.

As chicks get older and grow out their brooding areas they get moved out to the coops. Deeply bedding the coops and changing out the bedding often are highly encouraged to keep the ammonia levels down. When changing bedding, spraying our Chick Fresh product is a great preventative measure to stay ahead of the ammonia smell and dangers. High ammonia levels can have dangerous effects on the respiratory systems of your birds can lead to bacterial respiratory infection or E. Coli infections. Keeping coops well ventilated and bedding clean by spraying our Chick Fresh product daily will help ensure healthy chickens.

Overall, Chick Fresh is cost effective and versatile. It “pays for its self” and will; prolong the life of your animals, help maintain healthier living conditions, promote more productive egg laying, allow you to raise healthier and more productive animals, and delivers a more compost friendly waste for gardens. Get your bottle of Chick Fresh today by clicking here 


*For best results, spray daily around coop floor where odors develop. Also spray walls, nests, roosting areas and especially around wetter damp areas.