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What Color Eggs Will My Hen Lay?

The best way to know what color egg Henrietta will lay is to do some research on her breed but if you don't know the breed can you still figure out what color she will lay?

The answer is, yes - most of the time.  Although this method isn't 100% accurate it is right 75% of the time and it has to do with the hen's earlobe.  The earlobe is the fleshy part just under the feather covered ear.  When the earlobe is white, the hen will lay white eggs.  If the earlobe is red, the hen will lay brown eggs.

Brown egg layers include 
  • Rhode Island
  • Barred Rock
  • Orpington
  • Cinnamon Queen
  • Brahma
  • Golden Comet
  • Black Australorp
  • Wyandotte
  • Sussex
  • Dominique
  • Sexlink
  • Delaware
  • Faverolle
  • Bielefelder
  • Jersey
  • Buckeye

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