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What Breeds Are The Best Egg Layers

What Breeds Are The Best Egg Layers

Planning your flock? Are you looking for prolific egg layers?  For many of us, the main reason for raising backyard chickens is the fresh supply of eggs.  

The breed of chicken you get makes a huge impact on the amount of eggs you should expect to receive each day.  Choosing the right breed is very important if you are wanting fresh eggs daily.  I have compiled a list of some of the best egg laying breeds.

  1. White Leghorn 
    Production:   280/year
    Egg Color/Size:  White/Large
    Temperment:  Nervous, flighty
    Climate:  Heat tolerant, not good in cold climates
    Weight:  5 lbs
    Start Laying:  16-17 weeks

  2. Rhode Island Red
    Production:          260
    Egg Color/Size:   Light brown/ Medium to Large
    Temperment:  Bossy - often need to be kept separate
    Climate:   All
    Weight:   6.5 lbs
    Start Laying:  18-24 lbs

  3. Golden Comet/Cinnamon Queen (Sex Link)
    Production:   250-300/year
    Egg Color/Size:   Brown/Large
    Temperment:   Gentle, quiet
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  5-7.5 lbs
    Start Laying:   15 weeks

  4. Ameraucana/Easter Egger/Olive Egger
    Production:  250/year
    Egg Color/Size:  Multicolored - pink, blue, green / Medium
    Temperment:  Broody
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  4.5-5.5 lbs
    Start Laying:  25-30 weeks

  5. Barred Rock
    Production:  280/year
    Egg Color/Size:  Light brown, peachy/Medium
    Temperment:  Sweet, calm
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  6.5 lbs
    Start Laying:  18-22 weeks

  6. Wyandottes
    Production:   150-220/year
    Egg Color/Size:  Brown/Medium
    Temperment:  Broody, Docile, Great Moms
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  6 lbs
    Start Laying:  24-28 weeks

  7. Orpington
    Production:    150- 200/year
    Egg Color/Size:  Light Brown/Large
    Temperment:  Broody, Friendly, Docile, Easily Handled
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  6-8 lbs
    Start Laying:  19-24 weeks

  8. Sussex
    Production:     250-300/year
    Egg Color/Size:  Cream, Light Brown/Medium
    Temperment:   Docile, Friendly, Often Bullied
    Climate:  All
    Weight:  7-8 lbs
    Start Laying:   16-20 weeks