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We're In This Together - Together We Will Succeed!

We're In This Together - Together We Will Succeed!

In these confusing and unsettling times, It’s so important to continue learning and to be prepared.  My mother once called me a “professional student” because I just always wanted to take a class in this or learn about that… Always learning, always growing. 

Hi, my name is Patty and I am working with the rest of the team here at Coop Care to bring you as much information to help you with your backyard flock as possible!  Like a lot of you, I’m a novice with backyard chickens.  Not an expert by any means, but have had a few experiences that have taught me the importance of finding answers and digging until I find a better way to do something.  I’m excited to be able to bring you on my journey and to help you find the answers to situations that you might be facing.

A good place to start your journey is by downloading our FREE E-book on Keeping Chickens!  You can download your copy here!

I want to also invite you to email me at if there is anything you need answered or help with.  If there is something you’ve been interested in learning about to help you and your flock, just let me know and let’s see what we can find!  We are in this together and together we will succeed!


Stay Safe and Healthy!  Patty