Thinking About Selling Eggs?

So, you've jumped into the world of Backyard Chickens and couldn't resist those cute baby chicks!  You only intended to get maybe 2 or 3, you know, enough to keep your family in eggs, but something happened and you soon realized that chicken math is a real thing and now your thinking about having your girls earn their keep...

Before you do anything else, you need to research and know the state laws and regulations for your state.  It's important to know the licensing requirements and any other regulations on selling in your area.

The National Egg Regulatory Officials, or NERO for short, has a great website and database available with links to regulations in every state.  You can visit them here:

Once you get your licenses in order, its then time to develop your plan.  Will you sell at a farmers market?  Or maybe on Facebook?  Depending on your area, some have great success with a little roadside stand on their property.  The sky is the limit!  Good luck and have an egg-cellent time with your flock!

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