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The Scoop on Pumpkins and Your Flock

Don't you just LOVE fall!  Cooler temps, crisp mornings, beautiful leaves and pumpkins!!

Pumpkins are a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are essential to keeping your flock healthy such as A, B, C and zinc.  The seeds are full of Vitamin E and are a great and tasty dewormer. 

As you decorate for the Halloween season, keep the guts and seeds from your jack-o'-lanterns including the cut outs.  Your flock can and will eat all of these!

After you are finished with the pumpkin decorations, inspect for any mold before cutting them up into chunks and feeding them to the flock.  Any moldy areas should be cut out and tossed but the birds will eat the remainder clear down to just a thin shell.  

Think about adding pumpkins to your gardens for next year!   Such a great supplement to have on hand that can lower your feed bill!



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