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Showing Poultry

Showing Poultry

Have you thought about joining the growing number of chicken keepers who show poultry at the various shows? 

This is an area that I am looking forward to venturing out in!  As I build my show bird flock, I've started to put together informative sources that will hopefully answer all the questions I don't even know that I have yet!

We believe very strongly that showmanship is a key component in every area of the livestock/show circuit world, here are general rules for showmanship in a poultry show.

Rule #1 - The first rule for showmanship is KNOW YOUR BIRD!  Know how to handle them well, hold them securely, put them into and take them out of the cage headfirst, and how to pose them in the cage.  Know their anatomy, their class and varieties, also how they compare to the American Standard of Perfection.  Know both their strengths and their faults.

Rule #2 - KEEP TALKING!  When the judge asks you a question, don't just answer with a one or two word answer - share EVERYTHING that you can think of about the topic.  Judges like to see you have a wide base of knowledge about poultry.

Rule #3 - BE PROFESSIONAL!  Judges like to see neat, respectful exhibitors.  Speak clearly, be relaxed and make eye contact.  Be sure to thank the judge when you are done.

Rule # 4 - KEEP LEARNING!  This isn't a test to cram for; it's an opportunity to gradually become an expert in all things poultry.  Judges like to ask at least one random chicken knowledge question such as "Do chickens have teeth?"  Now, before your proudly say "no", remember that peeps are born with an egg tooth and that is what the judge is testing to see if you knew!