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Sebright Bantam Breed Spotlight

We were gifted two little bantams when putting this years flock together.  I hadn't intended to go the bantam route, but I'm sooo glad that we did!  Originally named Girdy, our Sebright is definitely a rooster but he is the most comical of the bunch and will often answer my husband's rooster call with one of his own and perches on shoulders more often than any of the others.

Named after creator Sir John Sebright in about 1800, the Sebright is one of England’s oldest bantam breeds. They are a true bantam, meaning there is no standard version of the breed. They are small even for a bantam—males weigh about 22 ounces.

Sebrights are considered an ornamental breed. They do not lay many eggs but have beautifully laced plumage in silver of gold. Males are “hen feathered” and do not have the typical feathering of a rooster in the tail, saddle, and hackles. Sebrights make good pets because they are active and easily tamed.

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