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Making Easy Work of Cleaning the Coop

Making Easy Work of Cleaning the Coop

How much easier would an All Natural, Non-Toxic and skin safe cleaning concentrate make your weekly cleaning routine?

And how great would it be if that cleaning solution was safe to use around your family and even ON your birds?  

Our Coop Care All Purpose Cleaner has been tested by a University Poultry Scientist and proven to naturally reduce pathogens and clean surfaces that are prone to producing and harboring mites, lice, harmful viruses, fungus and bacteria that are commonly found in and around your coop and flock. It can be used as a spray, dip, mop or wipe.  One 32oz bottle of concentrate will make 5 gallons!

How simple is it to use the Coop Care All Purpose Cleaner?  Couldn't be easier!!  After a thorough sweeping and washing of the coop, completely wet all surfaces and crevasses with the cleaner.  This includes the walls, rails, roosts, floor (even dirt) and ceilings if accessible.  Wash down all equipment including waterers, feeders, feed buckets, muck forks, rakes or anything that could be contaminated, even your boots.  Add clean bedding, spray to dampen and treat your bedding and you are ready to go.  Biosecurity protocols couldn't be easier.  AND, you don't need to remove your birds because this spray will not hurt them! 

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