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Making Easy Work of Cleaning the Coop

Remember my old coop story from last week?

Well I've got some really exciting news to share with you that will make a nightmare cleanup project like that much easier to handle!!

How much easier would an All Natural, Non-Toxic and skin safe cleaning concentrate make your weekly cleaning routine?

And how great would it be if that cleaning solution was safe to use around your family and even ON your birds?  

This cleaner has been tested by a University Poultry Scientist and proven to naturally reduce pathogens and clean surfaces that are prone to producing and harboring mites and so much more!  It can be used as a spray, dip, mop or wipe.

This is just one of the new products we are adding to our Coop Care line and I just can't wait!  But FIRST, I need a little help from my friends :)

I have the exciting task of figuring out what to call this cleaner.  What would you call such a gem of a product?  

I'm also on the hunt for the new "Face" of Coop Care products!

Do you have a ROCK STAR in your flock?

Maybe it's your ENTIRE flock?

I need to hear from you and see your stars!! 

Email me at 

Until Next Time,
Stay Safe and Healthy!

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