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Herb Gardens Can Help Your Flock With A Variety of Problems

What better way to take care of your flock than by growing the herbs needed yourself!

Here is a list of Helpful Herbs and how they can help

Basil:  immune support, repel pests, mucus membrane health

Bee Balm:  aids digestion, respiratory health

Chamomile:  calming, general health

Cilantro:  antifungal, antioxidant

Comfrey:  promotes healing

Dill:  respiratory health, antioxidant

Fennel:  relaxing, laying stimulant

Lavender:  calming, repels pests, antiseptic, odor control

Lemon Balm:  repels rodents, antibacterial

Lemon Grass:  fly repellent

Marjoram:  egg laying stimulant, reproductive health

Mint:  laying stimulant, odor control, repels flies, as a treat, cooling capabilities

Nasturtium:  antiseptic/antibiotic

Oregano:  internal parasites, antiseptic/antibiotic

Parsley:  laying stimulant, high in nutrients

Sage:  internal parasites, general health

Thyme:  respiratory health, antiseptic


Wild Herbs and Other Helpful Plants

Chickweed:  natural pain reliever, good source of nutrition, high in vitamins and minerals

Dandelion:  immune support and rich colored egg yolk, high in calcium

Garlic:  control of internal parasites

Nettle Leaves:  (dried) high in minerals, calcium, protein

Plantain:  wound care, inflammation, anti-diarrhea

Pumpkin:  seeds and fruit thought to contain natural worming properties

Wild Violet:  aids in circulation






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