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Records - Egg Production

As your spring chicks near their 16-19th week, you will need to make sure you have everything in place for the egg production to begin!

Have you considered how you will be keeping records on your flock?  Even if you don't plan to profit from your backyard flock you might still be interested in watching how production progresses over time.

We have created a basic template for you to use to keep monthly record of egg collection.  This can be used as an entire flock record or you can create a record by hen.  Feel free to edit it to fit your needs!  Let's see how well the girls start paying for their keep!



Do you have your nesting boxes set up?  What style have you decided to go with?  I had such a hard time deciding on nesting boxes - took me almost as long as the shed conversion!  If you are still looking for ideas, we have a separate blog article on building nesting boxes!  

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