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Coop Cleaning Supplies

Coop Cleaning Supplies

One of the most time consuming, but also most important task in having backyard chickens is keeping their coop and run clean.  This is especially important when you have a small coop and a small yard.  The close proximity of the coop to not only your neighbors but also your own house makes this a daily chore and takes away several options that larger habitats have such as using the deep litter method.

Here are a few of my favorite supplies to help keep this chore quick and simple.

  • Rakes and Shovels in various sizes.  I use these almost daily, between cleaning out the roost area and filling holes in the run.
  • Long Handled Scrub Brush – Twice a year I will do a thorough scrubbing of the coop.  The longer handle helps to get to areas not easily reached.
  • Short Handled Scrub Brush – I use a couple times a week.  Great for cleaning up the waterer, feeder, roost bar, etc.
  • Coop Care All Purpose Cleaner – Once I’ve scrubbed everything down, a quick spray of the All Purpose Cleaner is applied to all areas and left to dry.  It is so simple!  Smells Amazing and is safe for you and the birds!  I’m horrible about gloving up to clean, I just won’t do it… I also don’t remove my birds when cleaning and with the All Purpose Cleaner, I don’t have to. 

On days that I am not doing a complete scrub, I will go in and do a thorough soaking of all areas with the All Purpose Cleaner.  This ensures that I am preventing the spread of dangerous fungi, viruses and bacteria in my coop and run.  You can get your bottle here!  One 32 oz bottle will make 5 gallons of spray!


Until next time, 
Stay Safe