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Breed Spotlight: Black Star Sex Link

Breed Spotlight:  Black Star Sex Link
Black Star Sex Link - Created in America shortly after World War 2 ended because of the demand for more egg production in the post-war, food rationed economy. Being Sex Link chickens, means that they can be sexed accurately when they hatch from the egg. Both males and females are black, but the males will have a white spot on top of their heads and scattered white highlights while the females are primarily black with golden breast feathers. Black Star pullets will feather out black with some red feathers in their necks while the cockerels feather out with the barred rock pattern along with a few red feathers. The Black Star is a cross between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. They are excellent free-rangers and as hybrids, they are extremely hardy and do well in cold climates. They have a friendly, quiet nature and usually only make noise when they have laid an egg. The hens are egg laying machines and are expected to lay around 280-300 brown eggs per year. The hens typically weigh around 2.5 pounds and begin laying around 22 weeks, while the roosters weigh around 3.5 pounds at maturity.

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