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An Alarming Trend During This Pandemic

An Alarming Trend During This Pandemic

Recently, I have come across several articles and posts about the affects that this pandemic has had on the backyard chicken owner.

We've all seen the stories about the hatcheries running out of chicks and the increase in new owners posting in online chicken groups.  I, for one, am enjoying the opportunity to welcome new owners and share any knowledge that I possible can!  It is extremely exciting, in my opinion, to share our love for and, YES, our obsession with our chickens!  Although there has definitely been panic buying, not all new owners have panic bought.  Several have just needed a gentle nudge to get into something that they have been thinking about doing for ever.

There is, however, one trend that I find extremely alarming.  I have been hearing stories for several weeks now about chickens, eggs and even equipment disappearing from people's coops.  Although I have not heard of anything locally here in SW Missouri, it is happening elsewhere in the country and people are being forced to at least think about locking up.

Locking up my coop to protect my flock from theft was NEVER on my radar before Covid-19.  But it is something that I am seriously considering now and it might be worth considering for your flock too.

Be safe and enjoy your chickens!!