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8 Reasons Why It's GREAT to Own Chickens

8 Reasons Why It's GREAT to Own Chickens

Great-Tasting, Nutritious Eggs

Eggs from your backyard birds are so much more flavorful, in no small part because you'll eat them when they're only minutes or hours old, not weeks or months. You'll even see the difference in the yolks, which are a healthy orange - not the pale yellow you're used to. Plus, you can feel good about the organic eggs you'll be feeding your friends and family. All it takes to get organic eggs is organic chicken feed! Research shows that chickens allowed to roam freely and eat grass lay eggs that are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E and at the same time lower in cholesterol than store-bought, too!

Chickens Have Personalities- Just like Humans!

Each chicken has their own completely unique quirky, kooky and endearing personality.

A Healthy Lawn without the Chemicals

Chickens LOVE to range freely and allowing them to do so kills the proverbial two birds with one stone: they'll eat any garden pest such as earwigs, grubs, beetles, even moles! Say goodbye to toxic, costly pest control solutions and wasteful bags and bottles of store-bought fertilizer.

One Man's Unappealing Leftovers are another Chicken's Feast

Chickens can eat almost anything people can, and they adore "people food" -- so you can throw those unwanted leftovers into the chicken run. No more feeling guilty about letting them rot in the fridge or throwing them out!

A Balanced Compost Pile

Composting is a wonderful way to reduce your ecological footprint, and a nitrogen-rich compost pile is a healthy compost pile. What better to provide the nitrogen than chicken poo? Eggshells are a great addition, too, especially in areas where there's lots of clay in the soil. At the end of the composting process you'll have "black gold" soil, so called because it's so rich and fertile.

Handy Leaf, Weed, and Grass Clipping Removal

Leaves, weeds and grass clippings are a treat for chickens. They'll happily dig through whatever you give them, eat what they can, and pulverize the rest. Give a small flock a heap of yard and garden debris and a week later it'll be gone without a trace. No need to bag it and pile it by the curb!

Save a Chicken from a Factory-Farm Life

Factory farming is terrifyingly cruel. The good news is that by keeping a few pet chickens of your own, you're reducing the demand for store-bought eggs and sending a message to those factory farms that you don't want what they're selling.

The Very Definition of Low-Maintenance

Chickens don't need to be walked, brushed, or fed twice a day. Essentially all you have to do is gather eggs daily, fill their food and water containers, and do a deep clean including changing their bedding every week or two.