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AciMate 32 oz - INSTANTLY eliminate fugus & algae growth in your waterer!

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AciMate 32 oz - INSTANTLY eliminate fugus & algae growth in your waterer!

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✅ Instantly lower pH levels in water to keep your chickens healthy!

✅ No more algae, no more fungal growths and no more gut problems with your chickens because of unhealthy water!

✅ Cheaper and more effective to use than vinegar or any other household products. One 32 oz concentrate makes 128 GALLONS of solution!

✅ 10x stronger than ACV! One 32 oz concentrate of Acimate will treat 208 GALLONS of water! (It would take 320 ounces of ACV to achieve this same level 😬)

✅ Improve taste and odor of drinking water which increases flock water consumption

✅ Easy to mix, easy to use, safe to drink (for the chickens) once applied correctly!

Worried about algae or fungal growth in your chickens water?

What about gut health?

All of these can be fixed by lowering the pH of the water!

But how does one go about doing that?

Yes, you could add ACV…. But do you even know how much Apple Cider Vinegar you would have to use to get the pH down to a beneficial level?

Your chickens would basically be drinking straight vinegar!

That’s why we created AciMate…. AciMate was created to lower the pH to optimal levels for your chickens health and to stop algae and/or fungal growths!

Not only is AciMate better for your chickens, but it is also better for your wallet! One 32 oz concentrate mixes into 128 GALLONS! So to be able to get that same amount of solution in Vinegar you would be paying $400!

So if you’re ready to STOP fungal and algae growth, improve the health of your chickens and save money, click the link above to get your bottle of Acimate today with FREE shipping!


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