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Shed Conversion Update

“Little by little becomes a lot.” Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I started to tell you about our shed conversion into a coop that is just taking much longer than anticipated. 

And although, not complete, we have made enough progress that the girls have been able to stay in the fluffy butt palace for the past 2 nights!

I'm still fussing with the roosting end of the coop and intend to create an over-sized litter box under the roost.

Anything to help with the daily cleaning because we all know that "A sleeping chicken is a pooping chicken!"

And, of course, the daily spritzing of Chick Fresh will keep the ammonia levels way down for healthier and happier birds!  

Thankfully, I still have a little time to figure out what I'm wanting to do in the nesting area.

But compared to the little pet playpen they were living in, it is a virtual mansion furnished or not!

Painting inside and out is on the agenda this week, along with that sand box.

Here's what we've gotten done so far!  


Have you done a shed, play house or barn conversion for your flock?

I'd love to see what you've done!!
Until Next Time,
Stay Safe and Healthy!

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