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Putting your cart before the horse

Putting your cart before the horse


Do you ever feel like you’ve put the cart before the horse?
Boy, I do!
Funny story – I have 11 awkward, teenage chickens.
STILL in the brooder playpen.
STILL in the house!
Let me explain….
I have an old coop, but…  I don’t like it.  It was not kept up by the previous homeowners AT ALL.
I have scrubbed and I have worked many hours to try to salvage this structure to no avail.
How bad could it possibly be you might be asking.
Well, it has bullet holes in the walls from, and I’m assuming here, an attempt at butchering.
Yeah, it’s THAT bad.
So, I went ahead and got this years chicks BEFORE we even started to convert an old shed into the new coop.
Cart – meet – horse
Work has slowly begun, we’ve gotten the old rotted doors down and have someone making new.  But it is nowhere near ready for the girls.
And they NEED to go out!
Has this ever happened to you?  If you ever find yourself in a stinky situation like this, make sure you have plenty of Chick Fresh on hand!  It’s a true life saver!
And to help you out, until the end of May, we are offering our concentrate and sprayer at an amazing price of $19.95!  And if you take advantage of this special before 11:59 pm on Sunday 5/31/20, we will send you a second concentrate and sprayer!

Until next time,
Stay Safe and Healthy!